Collidion, Inc.

Collidion Inc. was founded in August 2015, with the premise to develop, acquire and license novel assets in healthcare. Our mission at Collidion is to improve the future of global health through the delivery of innovative solutions to critically unmet areas of need.

Collidion is designed to foster innovation and commercialize technologies. We support our program-focused subsidiaries through the infusion of capital, operational support, imparting novel IP estate, and structuring programs for global partnering and development opportunities.



Areas of Focus


Avenlogics, Inc. is focused on developing multiple anti-infective technologies that can lead to improvement in the standard of care for patients. In 2017 Avenlogics, Inc. expanded its pipeline to include promising products in disinfection, sterilization, consumer health and cosmetic segments.


Plex Pharmaceuticals is a scientifically-driven company with a vision to improve the lives of patients afflicted with complex diseases and disorders including but not limited to Parkinson’s disease, glioblastoma and Cataracts.