We believe that the right partnerships can lead to greater innovation.

Our Approach

Our focus is on the external development of anti-infective technologies that can improve the standard of care as well as other unique assets that are under-valued. Our approach is to create flexible partnerships that are personalized to meet the needs of both parties and that can significantly boost the chances of an asset’s success. We are looking for passion, cultural fit and scientific rigor. 


Interested Companies and technologies

  • Lack of funding 
  • No significant value has been realized, despite regulatory and commercial milestone met by the company 
  • Lack of interest(s) from potential partners 
  • Difficulty associated with board composition, management or both 
  • Difficulties and challenges associated with previous financing terms 
  • Cap Table(s) with difficult equity terms 
  • Early stage assets may not appeal to investors 
  • Unresolved IP and Regulatory challenges
  • Companies should have significant safety and efficacy data.

Fields of Interest

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